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Interview with author Michael Stern (
Mike Pingel sits down with author Michael Stern and chats about his 10th anniversary of his book
"I Had a Ball: My Friendship with Lucille Ball"and his friendship with the queen of comedy.
The book is now out now on

I Had a Ball: In 1971, ten-year-old Michael Stern thought he had died and gone to heaven as he
watched a filming of Heres Lucy. He was enthralled with a redhead gifted with beauty,
stage presence, and the ability to make others laugh. Over the next few years, he would
attend several more filming, meet Lucy, and eventually become (in Lucys own words)
her number one fan.

In his memoir, Michael Stern offers a refreshing glimpse into the life of a natural comedienne
and actress as he provides a fascinating narrative on what it was like to become first a fan
and then a friend with one of the biggest television personalities of all time. Known to fans
simply as Lucy, she entertained millions of people across the world with shows like I Love
Lucy, The Lucy Show, and Heres Lucy. But to Michael, who was eventually allowed access into
her private world, she was a fascinating woman with whom he would share many unforgettable adventures.

I Had a Ball is a unique tribute to Lucys legacy, her spirit, her talent,
and her enthusiasm for life sure to entertain Lucy fans, television aficionados,
and comedy lovers around the world.

Guest: Michael Stern
Show DATE: March 8,2021
Run-time: 39:14

Interview with author Cody Renegar (

Mike Pingel sits down with Hollywood author Cody Renegar and chats about his brand new book,
"Changing the Stars: A Memoir." The book is now out now on

Changing the Stars is a powerful true story about how a boy survived and then overcame his family’s multigenerational
cycle of violence, neglect, and sexual abuse: Despite the odds against him, Cody Renegar grew up and became a loving father
and husband, successful hairstylist, and respected artist.Raised by a substance-abusing single mother, at four and a half
Cody and his four siblings were placed into the foster care system in Arkansas, leading to a series of placements in homes
where he endured unspeakable abuse and neglect. Cody found solace in his bonds with his brothers and sisters and occasional
kindnesses from caring adults, such as a neighbor who taught him to paint. When at seven he was adopted by an affluent
couple, he hoped at last to receive the love and support of a nurturing mother and father. But his dreams and expectations
were betrayed when his new father proved to be a violent disciplinarian. It would be eight years before his rescue
by an attentive school nurse, and years more to heal the trauma. The silver lining for Cody was his own resilience
and positive outlook. He never stopped reaching for a better life, and his optimistic, gregarious spirit was
never silenced or stifled.

Cody sees life as an adventure. He believes that we, not fate,
are in charge of our destiny. If needed, we can change the stars in the sky

Guest: Cody Renegar
Show DATE: Feb 27,2021
Run-time: 31:08

Interview with Makeup Artist Brett Freedman (

Mike sits down with Hollywood Makeup artist Brett Freedman. Brett chats about doing make up for Hollywood elite.
His work has graced magazines and red carpet making the most beautiful women in Hollywood even more beautiful!

Brett Freedman, LA based make-up artist, works with some of the world's most beautiful and famous women. Known for his crisp,
high glamour style, Brett's client roster ranges from young, punky pop stars to ladylike living legends.
Before starting his own cosmetics line (Brett Brow) in 2007, Brett had deals with Revlon, Neutrogena and Pantene just to name a few. Get a
glimpse of his glammy life (and nab a few makeup tips!) with his buzzy Instagram/Twitter: Brett Glam

Guest: Brett Freedman
Show DATE: Feb 23,2021
Run-time: 39:51

Host Mike Pingel welcomes the amazing singer/actor, Adrian Christian who chats about
his just released new Christmas Single "Midnight will be Clear" which is getting tons of airplay.

Guest: Adrian Christian
Show DATE: Dec 11,2020
Run-time: 28

NEW SHOW! Host Mike Pingel welcomes author Sudi "Rick" Karatas. Rick has just published his second book
"How Catering Sucked the Life Right out of me." Based on his experiences working as a catering waiter. He also chats about his
LGBTQ+ book "Rainbow Relatives."

Guest: Sudi "Rick" Karatas
Show DATE: Dec 5,2020
Run-time: 15

Today I welcome my guest Frank DeCaro as we will chat about his new book DRAG

Guest: Frank DeCaro
Show DATE: June 25,2020
Run-time: 42

Actress, Alison Arngrim is today’s guest on The Mike Pingel Show with host Mike Pingel .

Guest: Alison Arngrim
Show DATE: May 21,2020
Run-time: 42

The Mike Pingel Show filmed on Thursday, May 14 , 2020 with guest Natalie Lander from ABC-TV's "The Middle", "Lopez" and MTV's "Search for Elle Woods" and her new online show "Social Distance-Sing!" #StaySafe

Guest: Natalie Lander
Show DATE: May 14,2020
Run-time: 42

Host Mike Pingel welcomes the amazing singer, Adrian Christian who chats about his new EP, his tour and his mission project for Puerto Rico

official website:

Get "A Song For You - The Adrian Christian EP" AVAILABLE NOW!

See Adrian Christian ON TOUR

Guest: Adrian Christian
Show DATE: March 15,2019
Run-time: 30

Host Mike Pingel welcomes the amazing guest Adam Ziv! Adam is an stellar dancer, actor and now producer with his newest project,
Christopher Durang's Laughing Wild play which opens in LA on June 7-9th, 2018.

Tickets for the show at

Guest: Adam Ziv (Actor/Dancer/Producer)
Show DATE: May 24,2018
Run-time: 21:30

Host Mike Pingel welcomes Author/Queerty Editor/Star Wars Expert David Reddish to THE MIKE PINGEL SHOW.
With the upcoming Disney/Lucasfilm feature SOLO: A Star Wars Movie coming out next weekend.
Pingel & Reddish chat about the films, behind the scenes and Star Wars trivia!

More on David check him out at:

Guest: David Reddish (Author/Reporter/Editor/Star Wars Expert)
Show DATE: May 17,2018
Run-time: 32:04

Host Mike Pingel welcomes Talk show Host/Director/Producer/Actress Sheena Metal to THE MIKE PINGEL SHOW.

Mike Pingel chats with Radio personality, Producer, Director, Actor, Sheena Metal after the opening night of V-Day Los Angeles presents The Vagina Monologues

There are 3 more shows. Next show is tonight (Friday, May 11, 2018) and 2 shows next week. Get your tickets & info at

Guest: Sheena Metal (Talk show host/Director/Producer/Actress)
Show DATE: May 11, 2018
Run-time: 19:42

Host Mike Pingel welcomes director & writer Glenn Gaylord to THE MIKE PINGEL SHOW.

The Mike Pingel Show welcomes director/writer Glenn Gaylord. He discuss his award-winning film I, Do and his other critical acclaim films as the musical Leave It On the Floor,
documentary CAMP Michael Jackson and Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat. Read his tumblr Gaylord reviews current films at

Guest: Glenn Gaylord (director/writer)
Show DATE: April 26, 2018
Run-time: 26:34

Host Mike Pingel welcomes WEHO ELITE CHEERLEADER B. J. Swallows to THE MIKE PINGEL SHOW.
April 19, 2018 - The Mike Pingel Show ALL NEW show with guest B.J. Swallows (aka Kurt Samborski) from the

West Hollywood Elite Cheer and Entertainment Squad. 1/2 half the show something went wrong with the camera...but we both look 20 years younger!

WEHO ELITE CHEER is holding a fundraiser at the DRAG BINGO
at Hamburger Mary's ( 8288 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046) in West Hollywood next week on April 25, 2018 at 7pm.

Guest: B.J. Swallows from WEHO Elite Cheer
Show DATE: April 19, 2018
Run-time: 19:35

Host Mike Pingel welcomes actress/model/detective Frieda Laye to THE MIKE PINGEL SHOW on BEHIND THE CURTAIN TV.

Mike Pingel sits down and talks to detective/model and "other jobs" Frieda Laye of the crime fighting team "Chico's Angels". Frieda talks about working with Kay & Chita, Waht other "jobs" she does and telling others how much she enjoys their theater work! Frieda Laye: Frieda was born in Ciudad Juarez Mexico. Frieda was left under the door mat of the convent of Las Hermanas de la Madre Guadalupe de los Chavos. She realized that her destiny was to use her special slutting abilities to fight crime as one of Chico’s Angels....and supplement her income as a private dancer. Frieda is proud to be one of Chico's Angels, and while she may not have the brightest halo, it is the blondest. Chico's Angels: The Love Boat show plays runs through April 8, 2018. Shows are Wednesday thru Sunday, plus Sunday Matinees. Tickets on sale now at

Guest: Freida Laye
Show DATE: March 30, 2018
Run-time: 20:51

Host Mike Pingel welcomes author Geoffrey Mark to THE MIKE PINGEL SHOW on BEHIND THE CURTAIN TV.

Here is this weeks Behind The Curtain TV The Mike Pingel Show with guest author/singer Geoffrey Mark!!!
His book Ella Fitzgerald is available for purchase on!

Guest: Geoffrey Mark (author)
Show DATE: March 16, 2018
Run-time: 22:11

Host Mike Pingel welcomes actor and singer Trent Walker to THE MIKE PINGEL SHOW on BEHIND THE CURTAIN TV.

The show covers Trent's early years in modeling, working in hit films as GETTYSBURG, DEMOLITION MAN to his current work in SUPERHIGH & THREADS.
Trent also talks about his music and upcoming CD release and shares an audio clip of his newest song "Don't Let the Cat Out"

Guest: Trent Walker (actor/singer)
Show DATE: March 8, 2018
Run-time: 22:54














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